And I’m not going to stop, either.

Every writer has their favourite words. Words like a jumper you’ve had for 20 years or that comfy old armchair with the stuffing poking out: we’ve probably worn them out with overuse, but still we reach for them time and again. These are mine. What are yours?


“Reduced or degraded…

Body and Health

Women hate you and doctors don’t believe you

Allow me to preface this: thin privilege is real. While sometimes being skinny truly sucks, and people, like the sarky cow who prompted this post, can be mean assholes, I don’t face discrimination. I’m not comparing my struggles with fatphobia. With that out of the way…

Doctors dismiss your concerns

I weigh the most…


And other ways I saved my skin

When I was younger, people would always compliment me on my skin. I always found that funny, because I didn’t do anything to it beyond washing it with handsoap (yes, really). I once told a makeup artist that I’d never moisturised and she was genuinely horrified. “One day”, she said…

Victoria Suzanne

NCTJ-qualified journalist and editor. Follow my true crime publication @Crime-Scenes.

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