Not liking popular things isn’t as revolutionary as you think

For one thing, it’s Netflix’s most-watched series, with over 111 million viewers worldwide. I don’t think your one-woman protest is hurting them.

More than anything though, the complaints are just stupid. The majority seem to centre around the fact that ‘Squid Game’ isn’t suitable for young children. It’s rated 15…

The American teenager disappeared in 2005. Many think Dutch national Johan Van der Sloot got away with her murder

A woman signing a memorial wall dedicated to missing woman, Natalee Holloway.

Natalee Holloway made headlines around the world when she vanished from the Caribbean resort of Aruba more than a decade ago. She was last seen getting into a car with a charming young Dutchman. That man is now in prison for another woman’s murder — was Natalee his first victim?

Holiday from hell

You lost. Get over it.

Ooh, as someone who voted remain in 2016 it feels good to be the one saying that for a change. Although with the consequences of their actions thoroughly kicking all our arses right now, maybe we should be telling Leavers “You won. Get over it”.

Bear with me though, because…

Victoria Suzanne

NCTJ-qualified journalist and editor. Follow my true crime publication @Crime-Scenes.

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